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Just a slacker university student with far too much time on her hands who cares more about pop culture than her homework. My journal consists of infrequent gif spams, occasional rants about television and music, and very rarely posts about my own life. Gifs spams are always public. Everything else is friends only. Feel free to add me, but it would be nice if you said hello when you do.

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Like gifs? Want to find some of the ones I've made without clicking through tags and sifting through my journal entries? Let me make it easy for you:

30 Rock | Angel | Buffy | The Craft | Dead Weather | Evil Dead 2 & Army of Darkness | Futurama | The Kills | A Leage of Their Own | Merlin | Michael Jackson | Moonwalker | Parks and Recreation | The Queen | Skins | SNL | Tegan and Sara | Video Phone | The Wiz | Xena

Brushes used on the background and header from here, here, and here